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How the NFL uses its brand to help the homeless

August 12, 2021 Comments Off on How the NFL uses its brand to help the homeless By admin

The NFL is using its brand for outreach, to help people in need, according to league spokesperson Dan Gouro.

“The NFL is always open to the community’s input and suggestions, and the NFL has developed and implemented innovative solutions for many years to help our players and fans better understand the issues they face,” he said in a statement.

“Through our brand, we have made it clear that the NFL will not tolerate the use of the NFL name or any associated logo, or other trademarks in connection with any products or services sold, including but not limited to products and services in the NFL store.”

The NFL launched a “Lonely Body Care” initiative in January that uses the league name, logo, and color scheme to reach homeless people.

The NFL will use its platform to encourage people to seek care in the league’s facility, Gouro added.

“As a brand, the NFL continues to stand for the importance of inclusion and inclusion of everyone, regardless of their circumstances, and as we have said for a long time, we want to see more people being treated with dignity and respect,” Gouro said.

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