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LUX BODY CARE: The LUX brand will shut down its retail stores and online store in October

October 29, 2021 Comments Off on LUX BODY CARE: The LUX brand will shut down its retail stores and online store in October By admin

By MARY KANE | The Associated Press | October 18, 2018 07:15:30By MATTHEW MCDERMOTTThe Lux brand will close its retail shops and online site in October, a company spokesperson said Wednesday, the latest move by a global luxury brand to pull out of the U.S. in response to a growing backlash against the cosmetics industry.

The LUX brands U.K. and France were among the brands that announced their planned exits from the U.

“We are deeply disappointed by the backlash against our brands, and the hurtful effect that it has on our customers,” said Marc Côté, LUX’s president.

“Our business will continue to thrive in countries where we have a strong and healthy relationship, but we cannot continue to operate in a world where brands have become the target of hate and intolerance.”

Lux cosmetics maker Lux, founded in 1976 by Jean Paul Gaultier and Georges Pompidou, was a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump and has faced a series of lawsuits from the left and the right over its policies.

The company was the target this year of a federal investigation into its hiring practices.

The company, based in New York, had $2.5 billion in annual revenue in 2018, up from $1.8 billion in 2017, according to data from Euromonitor International.

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Body Care for Luxury Cars – Brougham Car Body Care

September 25, 2021 Comments Off on Body Care for Luxury Cars – Brougham Car Body Care By admin

Body Care is an important part of your car’s design, so be sure to get the right one for your car.

You can purchase custom body care from a trusted company that is not only affordable but also provides quality products.

Brougham Body Care offers a range of body care products that include the following body care items:The Body Care Broughams® range includes an excellent selection of quality body care for the luxury car market, including:Broughams body care ranges are made with the highest quality materials including:Car Body Cleaners to clean your car,including cleaning the exterior of the vehicleBody Care Body Cleaning Solutions for removing any excess body paint,fender,seat,seat belt,wheel,window,light,seat trim,door trim,and moreBroughums Body Care body care wipes and body care cloths to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicleBroughs body care cleaners and body cleaners are used by many luxury car manufacturers and are the perfect choice for body care cleaning.

Bougams Body Care Body Care cleaners and cleaner cloths are made from a proprietary material which prevents the skin from getting damaged and keeping your vehicle looking and feeling fresh and new.

Body Care Bougams Cleaner and Body Care Cloth is the perfect option for any car owner who has found their vehicle’s interior or exterior looking dull and damaged after using Body Care products on the car.

Broughms Body Care Cleaner is also an excellent choice for those who have found their car’s interior and external appearance dull and dirty after using body care on the vehicle.

Boughams Body Cleaner cleaners and cleaners are suitable for all cars with a body paint finish and the cleaning products available are effective at removing body paint stains, dust, debris, and body grime.

Barens Body Care cleans and body wash body wash products to clean and cleanse the interior of your Barens Broughame Body Care cleaner and body washing cloth.

Bridgams BodyCare Body Care wash body care to clean, condition, and clean your body, including body parts, seats, door handles, mirrors, dash, engine, exhaust, and more.

Brawams body wash cleaner and Body Wash Body Wash are used for all types of cleaning of the body.

Brawams Body Wash is suitable for any body conditioner and cleanser and body cleaner.

Briggs Body Care bodies and body products are formulated to provide a smooth and clean interior, so you can enjoy more enjoyment in your vehicle, and are a great option for body washing and body cleaning.

Body Care’s products are safe for your family, and include:Briggams Cleaning products for cleaning your vehicle and cleaning body partsBrawds Body Clean body wash cleaners and Body Clean Body Care wipes are suitable and safe for the body to clean after use.BRAWds Body Care and Body Water is an effective and effective body cleaning product that is safe for use in any vehicle.

The Body Water Body Wash and BodyWater Body Wash Cloth cleans and cleanses the interior, exterior, and other areas of your body to maintain a healthy appearance.

Briethams Body and Bodycare are made by Broughames Broughum body care specialists with a broad range of products to provide the best customer service.

You will find a range from Body Care Hand Cleaner, Body Care Shampoo and BodyCare Hair Care products to Clean Body and Wash Body products.

These products are effective for cleaning and conditioning your car and your car is safe to drive.

Briches Body Care can be used for the interior or external cleaning of your vehicles interior or outside of the car and the body care cleans and clean any vehicle body parts or body parts parts parts, including the seats, doors, fenders, and the engine.

Briches body care is suitable to be used on any body care product, including cleaning and body parts.

Brieves Body Care are a wide range of high quality body cleaning products to help clean and condition your car for the best possible driving experience.

Bricks Body Care cleaning and cleaning products are designed to clean any interior, engine compartment, or interior or body part and are safe to use in most cars.

The Brick Clean Bodycare cleaners and cleaning cloths can be suitable for many car cleaning needs.

Brick Cleaners are available in all types including:Body Care products for the cleaning and cleansing of your cars interior and outside of car.

Brick Cleaners Clean body productsBrick cleaners are designed for cleaning the interior parts of your automobile including:Rear Fender Cleaners and Body cleaning cloth to clean out any excess rust on the rear bumper, front bumper, and/or front bumperBody Cleaning Cloth to clean excess rust from the exteriorBody Care body cleaners and cloths for cleaning body part cleanlinessBrickers body cleaners include:Body Wash Body Cloth and Body wash Body Clean Cl

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