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Woman with multiple sclerosis in hospital after she got sick from her home body care, hospital says

July 2, 2021 Comments Off on Woman with multiple sclerosis in hospital after she got sick from her home body care, hospital says By admin

A woman who got sick after her home-care business, Hollister Body Care, started to smell, and then to become moldy, is in the hospital after doctors at the University of Missouri Hospital say they were unable to get a diagnosis for the cause.

Mia, 30, was admitted to the hospital Monday afternoon after she had to be put on a ventilator and her condition worsened, the hospital said in a statement.

Doctors said Mia had the moldy odor coming from her bedroom and that she was in constant pain.

The medical examiner’s office said it has been unable to identify the cause of the mold or its origin.

It was not immediately clear whether Mia had a history of respiratory illness.

The company has been operating out of an office at 1615 North Washington Street, just a few blocks from the University’s downtown campus.

Mylan has a contract to provide medical care for a number of patients, including Mia, according to the company.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is designed to run on computers and smartphones that run on the company’s Firefox OS.

Mozilla is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

Moegan said in an email to The Associated Press that Mia’s condition was not considered life-threatening, and that Mia was able to recover and resume her normal activities.

“Her condition was treated with immediate medical attention and she is in good spirits,” she said.MIA was not identified in a hospital update on the hospital’s website Monday afternoon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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