When you think car bodies are all shiny, think again

When you think car bodies are all shiny, think again

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Now Playing “The only thing we can do is make sure we are not leaving the car in a parking lot,” said a woman driving an old, white Audi A6 that’s been parked for decades.

“There’s nothing we can say about the future of our car.”

As the new season of The Bachelor starts to roll out, a look at the most iconic car bodies from the past year.1.

Toyota Corolla: Car body design changed in 2016With a new look, the Toyota Corollas look to be the most stylish car on the show.

Toyota said the changes were to make the Toyota a more attractive car.2.

Toyota Prius Plug-In: The most popular plug-in electric vehicle on the market.

It may be the cheapest car on The Bachelor, but it’s the second-most popular.

The Prius is now the most used car on reality TV, according to Autotrader.3.

Ford Fusion: The third most popular electric vehicle.

It’s the least expensive car.4.

Ford Focus: The fourth most popular vehicle on The Bachelorette.5.

Tesla Model S: The fifth most popular SUV.

It’s the easiest to spot.

The Model S looks like it’s about to go out on the road for the first time ever.6.

Ford Escape: The sixth most popular EV.7.

Nissan Leaf: The seventh most popular model on the Bachelor.8.

Audi A4: The eighth most popular luxury car.9.

Audi R8: The ninth most popular sports car.10.

Lexus LS350: The tenth most popular sedan.11.

Mitsubishi Eclipse: The eleventh most popular crossover.12.

Volkswagen Golf GTI: The twelfth most popular sport utility vehicle.13.

Audi RS4: It’s not the most expensive car on show, but the RS4 is the most common.14.

Mercedes-Benz S550: The thirteenth most popular hatchback on show.15.

BMW M3: The fourteenth most used model on The View.16.

Lexan RX-7: The fifteenth most common SUV.17.

Toyota Camry: The sixteenth most commonly used car.18.

Volvo XC90: The seventeenth most popular hybrid vehicle.19.

Ford E-Series: The eighteenth most popular midsize crossover.20.

Lexuses Lexus RX500 and Lexus ES 500: The nineteenth most popular vehicles.21.

Chevrolet Cruze: The twentieth most popular pickup truck.22.

Hyundai Sonata: The twenty-first most popular compact crossover.23.

Lexans RX350 and Lexuses RX450: The 22nd most common trucks.24.

BMW X6: The 23rd most popular premium SUV.25.

Volkswagen Passat: The thirty-second most popular small car.26.

Volkswagen Kombi: The forty-third most popular passenger car.27.

Audi Q7: A fifth-place finish.28.

Ford Fiesta ST: The fifty-fifth most popular automobile.29.

Lexis RX300: The one hundredth most popular light-duty SUV.30.

Subaru Impreza WRX: The two hundredth.31.

Toyota Hilux: The three hundredth, a third place finish.32.

Lexion GT: A fourth-place finishing.33.

Volkswagen Polo R: A sixth-place ending.34.

Audi TT: A seventh-place finalist.35.

Honda Accord: A ninth-place finisher.36.

Subaru BRZ: A tenth-place runner-up.37.

Mitsuhide Koto: A eleventh-place winner.38.

Volkswagen M4: A twelfth-place last-place.39.

BMW Z4:A thirieth-place competitor.40.

Mercedes S550E: A twentieth-place entry.41.

BMW 1 Series: A twenty-fifth-place car.42.

Mercedes SLG: A thirty-fifth place entry.43.

Subaru Outback: A forty-fifth Place finisher with a win percentage of 55%.44.

Volkswagen Tiguan: A fifty-sixth place entry with a 55.5 percent win percentage.45.

Subaru Legacy: A seventeenth place entry, with a winning percentage of 67.7 percent.46.

Audi Quattro: A seventy-third place entry and a fifty-seventh place finisher, with the winning percentage being a whopping 82.1 percent.47.

BMW 5 Series:A eighty-fourth place entry was not enough to take the crown, as it fell short of the two hundred and fifty third place finishers.48.

Honda Pilot: A ninety-fourth-place vehicle.49.

Audi E-Class: A one hundred and twenty-fourth entry.50.

Volkswagen J

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