Why are you wearing a black body suit on ‘Black History Month’?!?!?!

Why are you wearing a black body suit on ‘Black History Month’?!?!?!

July 15, 2021 Comments Off on Why are you wearing a black body suit on ‘Black History Month’?!?!?! By admin

Black History Month 2017 has begun, and it’s an opportunity for all to look at how we’ve been treated by our black overlords and to be thankful that we’re still here.

As we head into Black History Week, there’s an easy fix for all of the reasons why black people are being targeted by white supremacist violence: wear a black face mask.

Blackface is the latest and greatest form of racism that is not confined to one race, but is now increasingly being deployed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacists against people of colour, including non-whites.

In 2017, the first Black History month since the Civil War, it’s time to celebrate the diversity and strength of black people by wearing a mask.

It’s important to remember that masks can be worn by non-white people as well.

So why is it that we are still not doing more to protect ourselves?

Here are six things you should know about blackface, how it’s being used, and how you can protect yourself from it. 1.

It was banned for Halloween in 1966.

The first time blackface was banned, it was to be banned for an extended period of time.

On Halloween night, a local school had a meeting where people were encouraged to wear masks to “dress up” their families.

It is now illegal to wear a mask during Black History week, as well as on the following Black History Day, which is also Black History Weekend.

The only exception is when the mask is used to disguise the face of a person of colour.


Black people were actually blamed for the Holocaust in a book called Blackface.

In Blackface, which was published in 1967, the book was written by the renowned British writer and poet Pauline Kael.

It tells the story of the history of the slave trade in America.

The book was published as part of a series of articles by the poet and writer in the book Blackface: The Story of American Slavery.

In the book, she says that when people were born, they were born in a slave state.

They were not born free.

They didn’t get a free ride.

They had to be forced into a slave-like state, and they had to endure the humiliation of living in it.

And it was because of the pain and degradation they endured during this process that they wanted to escape it. 3.

Black actors have been lynched in the U.S. since at least 1865.

There have been multiple instances of black actors being lynched over the years.

The earliest recorded lynchings occurred in 1876, when three black people were accused of murder in St. Louis.

In 1882, a black man named Willie B. Wilson was arrested and charged with murdering a white woman, Alice Mae Wilson.

In 1904, a white man named Charles R. Allen was accused of raping and murdering a black woman, Tanisha Tanishy Williams.

In 1937, a group of white supremacists held a rally in front of the White House in the wake of the acquittal of two white men who had murdered a black teenager.


Black men are the most sexually assaulted people in the world.

According to a 2016 study by the U-M Department of Sociology, men are victims of rape more often than women.

According the survey, women are the victims of sexual assault at twice the rate as black men.

And while both genders are victims, women were also found to be more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone of the same race.

According an analysis of the data, there is a significant difference in how sexual violence is reported and reported.

Black women are less likely to report sexual violence than are white women.

Black and Hispanic women are more likely than white women to report that they have been sexually assaulted.

And white women are three times more likely as black women to be raped than are women of color.


Black Americans have been imprisoned at higher rates than white Americans.

According a 2016 report by the National Coalition for Black Journalists, nearly four out of five African Americans have served time in prison.

This figure is even higher for Hispanics.

While nearly half of all Americans are black, there are nearly one out of four Hispanics who have been incarcerated.

The number of African Americans who are in prison is up from 1.3 million in 2015 to 1.4 million in 2017.

In comparison, only 2.5 percent of Americans are incarcerated.


African Americans are twice as likely to have experienced racism.

According one study, there were 1.9 times as many African Americans in the US as African Americans living in the South.

The racial disparity is not limited to just the US, either.

According this same study, blacks were twice as as likely as whites to have been arrested in the last year.

In fact, the rate of arrest for black people is significantly higher than the rate for whites.

The US Census Bureau reports that 1.7 percent of

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