How to buy a new car in 2019

How to buy a new car in 2019

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TalkSport understands it may not be the most exciting time to buy, but the world’s car buyers may be in for a treat.

The industry is gearing up to the year 2019 with a new set of guidelines that will force consumers to make an effort to buy the right car.

“The industry’s got a lot of momentum right now,” says Mark Kranz, chief economist at automotive consulting firm IHS.

In addition to new safety rules, the new regulations will also force consumers who are buying a new vehicle to do a better job at checking the value of the car, he says.

You can read the full details of the 2019 rules here.

New vehicle models will need to be more than 30 years old, up from 24 years, and be equipped with at least eight technologies, including advanced collision detection and braking systems, self-driving systems, adaptive cruise control, lane assist and self-parking systems.

There will be a five-point safety rating system, where a score of 5 or higher indicates “adequate” performance, and a score lower than 5 indicates “poor”.

“This will be very difficult to do,” Kranp says.

“It’s very difficult for a vehicle to be considered ‘adequate’ if it’s under 25 years old and it has a ‘poor’ rating.”

New model year rules, and how they will work, will take effect in 2019, and include a number of important changes.

As part of the changes, manufacturers will have to provide a safety rating for each model in 2019 that is less than 5, and five points higher than 5.

That means new vehicles will have a score between 2 and 5, which means they are rated “adequately” for the road.

Manufacturers will also have to update their safety ratings on a regular basis, to make sure the vehicles are not overbuilt and have an adequate number of safety features.

This new safety rating requirement will apply to all new vehicle models in 2019.

And consumers will have an incentive to buy new vehicles that have high safety ratings, because the industry will now have to consider the risk of an overbuilt vehicle.

But the biggest change to the industry comes in the form of a new safety rule, called the Safety Rating for Safety, or SRS, which will apply from 2018 onwards.

SRS will mean the SRS rating will be based on a vehicle’s age, rather than its age and number of active occupant fatalities, Kranps says.

The new rule also applies to the SVP ratings for new vehicles, which are based on the vehicle’s driving ability and how well it handles a number for road, traffic and collision risk.

What do the new rules mean for you?

The new rules are important because they will be the first step in a long-term effort to improve the car market, says Paul Collard, chief operating officer at auto consulting firm Kelley Blue Book.

With the SSA’s guidance, consumers will be able to make more informed choices, and get the right cars at the right price, Collard says. 

But what about those that are struggling to get a new SUV?

“We think the new SRS will help,” he says, because it will give manufacturers the incentive to do their due diligence on new vehicle safety, and that will help the industry grow, he adds.

However, consumers can only expect to see the SSP for Safety in 2019 because the SLS and SVP will still apply from 2019.

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Should you buy a brand new car or buy a used car in the coming year?