Car body types: What are car body type?

Car body types: What are car body type?

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Car body type is a way of determining how well a vehicle is suited to a particular user or a particular application.

The term car body is used to describe a type of vehicle which may have the characteristics of a sports car, but has a longer wheelbase, narrower body, lower floorboards and a shorter tail section.

It is important to understand that the term “body type” does not mean “size”.

The term “Body Type” refers to the overall shape of the vehicle.

Body types are not only designed to make a vehicle more attractive but also to allow the vehicle to be modified to meet the needs of different users or applications.

Many car body styles have been designed to cater to different user groups, such as: – People who like a large cargo space or a large trunk area; – People that like a more traditional and utilitarian look, such a hatchback or sedan; – Those that like the look of a sporty, sporty-style car; – Car enthusiasts who prefer to own a classic style car and do not like the appearance of a more modern or technological vehicle.

Cars can be categorized into two main body types.

A sedan is the main form of the car body that is intended for everyday use.

It may have a longer, more traditional front or rear end, and is often a little taller than a sport sedan.

A sports car is a car that is designed to be more luxurious and elegant, often sporting an all-wheel drive system or a rear-wheel steering system.

These types of cars are typically more expensive, but offer a range of features that make them attractive to a wide variety of users.

A small SUV is a sport utility vehicle that is meant to be used for short trips around town, but also for longer distances.

These cars are often larger than a traditional car, with a wide, open trunk and a large rear-window area.

This type of car is often used for business trips or when a driver wants to be able to drive on the highway without worrying about being spotted.

Another type of body type that is often seen in sport utility vehicles is a crossover car, which is usually a large crossover that has a large front-end, but is smaller than a sports utility vehicle.

The difference between a crossover and a sports vehicle is that a crossover has a larger front-engine, and larger rear-engine engine.

For example, a crossover is designed for business, but can be used to drive for leisure or business purposes.

However, a sports SUV, on the other hand, has a smaller front-engined, and smaller rear-engining engine.

A car that can be called a crossover, and therefore a sport car, is a large car with a narrow, low-slung, and slightly higher top end.

For this reason, sport utility cars are usually more expensive than other types of car.

A convertible car is an SUV with a large, low roof, and a lower, low center-of-gravity.

This is because a convertible car’s main goal is to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight.

The convertible is also designed to fit into any car configuration.

However the design of the convertible is not necessarily a good thing.

A larger, more powerful engine, for example, will often result in a larger, heavier, and more costly vehicle.

Another drawback of a convertible is that they are not very comfortable to drive.

They are usually very uncomfortable to drive because of their heavy and bulky body, which makes it hard to maneuver around corners.

A hatchback is a convertible that is typically used for longer trips, or for longer distance trips, such that the driver can take the car for a more comfortable ride.

A sport utility car that has the features of a hatch back can be considered an all terrain car.

For these reasons, sport utilities are often seen as a type that has many characteristics that are not found in other types.

Car body styles can also be found in more diverse configurations.

For instance, a convertible can be designed to have a smaller, lower-sloped roof, but have a larger rear and more powerful, higher-torque engine.

This may be because the design has a more aggressive shape, with the roof sloping down and the engine being more powerful.

A crossover can be a sport or utility vehicle with the engine mounted higher up, but a hatch-back may have this engine mounted low to the ground, where it is more accessible to the driver.

Finally, a hatch car can be classified into two different body types—a hatchback and a sport/utility vehicle.

A regular hatchback may be a normal hatchback, but with a wider roof, lower hood, and front-mounted headlights.

The hood may be made of plastic or metal.

A normal hatch-up will be a regular hatchup with the front of the hood made of aluminum, or plastic.

A high hatchup will have a front-body spoiler made of carbon fiber, or a similar material, to

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